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Spring fatigue testing machine plays an important role in studying spring strip, improving process, improving spring quality, reducing manufacturing cost, ensuring the safety and reliability of spring products, etc. waterborne coatings have made great strides in the field of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating

water based coatings have made great strides in the field of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating

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in industry, most of them are steel substrates. How to do a good job in the anti-corrosion coating of these equipment and facilities, pipelines and storage tanks to prolong their service life, and how to avoid fire hazards in the coating construction process to achieve the purpose of safe work has become a difficult problem for industrial enterprises

using water-based coating instead of traditional solvent based coating is the best choice to solve the problem. It is non-toxic, harmless, green and environment-friendly, non combustible, non explosive, safe construction, low surface treatment, simple and convenient, healthy, ecological, energy-saving and emission reduction products. It is one of the development directions of modern coating industry, and also one of the development directions of coating in high-risk heavy-duty anti-corrosion fields such as marine industry, petrochemical industry, petroleum automobile industry in the future

with the national government's VOC emission restrictions on coatings, the coating construction units have made a qualitative leap in their understanding of creating a green home and protecting the ecological environment. The application of water-based coatings in the field of industrial heavy-duty corrosion protection has great prospects

saving energy, controlling pollution and emissions has become an urgent problem for all mankind. The increasing reduction of natural resources and the serious destruction of human living environment cannot help us rethink and make a choice. The development of environment-friendly coatings is the general trend, and water-based coating is certainly the most important one. The solution of the problem requires not only policy support and awareness of environmental protection, but also domestic enterprises that focus on the R & D and production of industrial heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings with the purpose of environmental protection and technological innovation. Fundamentally develop products that meet market needs, solve technical bottlenecks, reduce costs, better serve the society, and return natural mountains and rivers

in the general direction of environmental protection, enterprises are making efforts to move forward on the road of hydration of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings. At present, not only the water-based raw materials have made great progress, but also the application of water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings is becoming more and more extensive, especially the heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating products for workshop coating construction. Because the temperature and humidity can be artificially controlled, it is very suitable for the spraying and curing of water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings. Its performance can be completely comparable to that of solvent based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, with less emissions of course, In recent years, Dongguan has been promoting the development of the new material industry

in addition, water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion primer - water-based inorganic zinc rich primer - has been used in engineering, and its quality stability and reliability are very good. The latest modified products have solved the problem of poor workability. Of course, it is still recommended that the steel structure sandblasting reach Sa2.5 or above to ensure long-term anti-corrosion performance. The water-based system with excellent weather resistance water-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint is basically comparable to the traditional heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint system

in addition, some water-based anti-corrosion coatings using some unique resin systems and unique mechanisms have also begun to have certain applications. For example, the water-based anti-corrosion paint prepared by using hyperbranched technology to modify the organic-inorganic resin composite system solves the problems of dryness, water resistance, film hardness, salt spray resistance, and greatly reduces the sensitivity to the construction environment. The anti-corrosion performance is close to the traditional heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint system, With the in-depth research and rich engineering application experience, it is very likely to occupy a place in the field of waterborne heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings in the future

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