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Water based diamond primer, let the filling be in place in one step

water based diamond primer, let the filling be in place in one step

July 16, 2020

with the increasingly stringent requirements of the state on environmental protection and the enhancement of the public's awareness of environmental protection, the demand for environmental protection products enables domestic funds to invest more efficiently in overseas innovation projects, which is becoming more and more vigorous, and the corresponding functional requirements of products are becoming more and more diversified. In furniture painting, especially furniture customers who make "wide and deep brown eyes/wood grain", they often encounter the problem of wood grain filling. For example, "subsidence", "multiple primers", "subsidence after initial filling" and other problem coatings. In response to this coating problem, Dabao water-based wood paint R & D team deeply analyzed the causes of primer subsidence, discussed and studied with imported raw material suppliers from raw material selection to formula design, and repeatedly tested and launched water-based Wood anti subsidence primer cwr-217a/b

characteristics of Dabao water-based anti subsidence primer:

01 high filling

the "rigidity factor" is scientifically introduced into the product, so that after the non-solid substances volatilize into a film, the effective ingredients remaining in the wood grain are higher, making the substrate more firm, smooth and not easy to sink

brown eye/conduit filling diagram

02 good hole entry (smooth and stable)

imported high-performance resin is used to improve the wettability of the coating to the substrate, adjust the wetting tension of the coated substrate, make the coating extend evenly on the surface of the material, and the hole entry is smooth, which can reduce the probability of paint diseases such as "hollowing", "porosity" and "bulge compared with American brands" at the brown eye, and reduce rework, Improve coating quality

schematic diagram of smoothness of entering the hole

03 good drying rate and easy grinding

raw materials select resins with reasonable hardness, match with "rigidity factor", improve the solid amount of primer acting on wood grain pores, and make the dried paint film firm, dry, easy to polish, and not easy to stick sandpaper, grinding dust and agglomeration

coating process reference:

white body sanding → wood fillings → anti subsidence primer cwr-217a/b → sanding → water-based Wood two-component transparent primer → sanding → color finishing → two-component transparent topcoat


1. Using cwr-217a/b anti subsidence primer can reduce the number of coating passes and obtain better filling effect than ordinary primer under the same filling requirements

2. In the process of using cwr-217 a/b anti subsidence primer without stains, there is no need to add water to dilute before construction. Diluting with water will affect the filling effect of the system

3. Internal dimension and section of CWR welded chain link: after 217a/b anti subsidence primer is applied, it needs to be completely dried (4hrs) before the next step of coating. (for actual operation, please consult Dabao engineering personnel or technicians)

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