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Water based environmental friendly UV glazing oil has passed the technical appraisal

the water-based environmental friendly UV glazing oil project developed by Shaanxi Institute of Printing Science and technology has passed the technical appraisal presided over by Shaanxi Provincial Publishing Bureau. At the meeting, experts and representatives listened to the working technical report, the inspection report of the Provincial Institute of product quality inspection, and the Provincial Information Research (1) the Evonik industrial group supporting the ordnance industry is helping to improve new road safety materials and key technology prospects through signs based on low-temperature plastics; The novelty search report of the Institute, and watched the samples and sample sheets. The participants believed that the project is highly innovative and meets the requirements of the development of printing glazing technology. This new generation of environmental glazing oil solves the environmental protection problems such as VOC toxicity and irritation. It is an aqueous dispersion lotion with uniform and stable dispersion, good water solubility, easy to use, and can give high gloss to printed matter. Take a look at the impact toughness and good wear and water resistance of the pendulum impact tester. Compared with the traditional oil-soluble UV glazing oil, it can still retain the advantages of oil-soluble UV glazing oil, It can also overcome the disadvantages of curing shrinkage, brittle coating, non folding and low adhesion caused by the use of active diluent in oil-soluble UV glazing oil. It can take into account the hardness and flexibility of the coating and improve the adhesion of the coating to the paper

the team said they had conducted early experiments

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