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Water based paint R & D center completed in Shanghai

water based paint R & D center completed in Shanghai

July 14, 2014

[China paint information] on July 8, the first R & D center of China's water-based paint industry was officially inaugurated in Shanghai. The R & D center, which is the largest all water paint production in China, integrates domestic and foreign academic exchanges, core technology research and professional talent training. The platform has the largest scale in the country, and the R & D conditions rank first in the country. It will further enhance the R & D and research capabilities of China's water paint key technologies, promote the development of China's water paint industry, and accelerate the industrialization and scale

at present, the state has made great efforts to control environmental pollution, the national awareness of environmental protection has been improved, and consumer behavior has changed. The energy-saving and environmental friendly water paint industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities, and the market is showing a "blowout" demand situation. Building a first-class scientific research platform, strengthening the docking with international cutting-edge technologies, increasing research and development, constantly improving and improving the performance of water paint products, and accelerating the upgrading of product quality have become the key for China's water paint industry to seize market opportunities, accelerate development, realize industrialization, and achieve large-scale benefits

it is understood that after the establishment of the Shanghai R & D center, national water paint scientific research platforms such as the water-based coating nano material laboratory supported each other, focused on the research and development of high-precision and cutting-edge technologies in the field of water paint, introduced world-class R & D equipment in terms of configuration, and widely absorbed domestic and foreign water paint R & D professionals. In terms of material updating, production process improvement, the gap between the following spring plates decreased in sequence, and the installation level increased In terms of coating adaptability, we have extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, industry experts, colleges and universities, industry associations, and material suppliers, so as to build China's largest water paint talent training, academic exchange, technical research, and achievement incubation base, and become a bridgehead for domestic and foreign exchanges of water paint

"Shanghai is a gathering place of high-level and sophisticated talents, and it is also the intersection center of the most cutting-edge academic and scientific research at home and abroad. The Shanghai R & D center will recruit talents and set up a platform to achieve extensive exchanges between experts, scholars and enterprises in the paint industry at home and abroad, and cultivate water paint professionals." Relying on advanced equipment and a team of professionals, the nano materials research laboratory, etc., promote each other to make progress, benchmark the international most cutting-edge technology, and accelerate the progress of research and development of national water paint project, 863 and other core projects

. Affirm the zero point of height: use the "slow down" and "slow up" keys to "the biggest advantage of water-based coatings is environmental protection, but at present, the coating effect of most domestic water-based coatings can not fully achieve the same effect as traditional coatings, and the coating process of water-based coatings is affected by the construction environment. Therefore, in order to truly occupy the market, water-based coatings should continue to improve in technology research and development and core technology research." Sun Lianying, President of the China paint Association, fully affirmed the Shanghai R & D center. She said that for enterprises, building a cutting-edge platform, increasing R & D efforts, breaking through technical bottlenecks, constantly improving and improving product performance, and realizing the application of water-based coatings in a wider market are the key to development. The establishment of Shanghai R & D center is conducive to the development of China's water paint industry, accelerating its industrialization and realizing the large-scale benefits invaded by money everywhere

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