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Yongfu container Co., Ltd. was officially established in Harbin

on April 12, Yongfu container (Harbin) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Harbin. The company is jointly operated by Hong Kong Yongfu container group and Harbin light printing railway, with a total investment of about US $10million, and is controlled by Hong Kong Yongfu container. It is reported that the two sides reached a cooperation agreement during the "Heilongjiang (Hong Kong) activity week" last year, and the project has been launched rapidly in less than half a year

it is understood that Harbin light iron can making corporation is a professional manufacturer integrating tinplate color printing and can making. With a total iron printing capacity of 3800 tons per year, it is the largest iron can making enterprise in Northeast China. Yongfu container group is the largest can making enterprise in Hong Kong. It has more than 20 factories in more than a dozen provinces and cities in China. One of every two cans in the country comes from this group. Its chairman Luo Fuchang is known as the "king of Chinese cans"

this cooperation between the two countries can be described as a strong alliance. The new enterprises have changed the single property right structure, achieved the restructuring goal of state-owned enterprises, and further enhanced the vitality of enterprises. It is reported that Yongfu container (Harbin) Co., Ltd. has a total investment of about US $10million. This year, it will prepare to build milk powder cans. Such a large increase is mainly due to the continuous decline in extruder imports since October last year and the current special plant of crown cover, which is supporting famous large enterprises such as Nestle, Iran and Harbin beer. The new plant is expected to be completed by the end of this year and put into operation at the beginning of next year, with a turnover of 200million yuan within two years

Luo Fuchang, chairman of Yongfu container (Harbin) Co., Ltd., said that the new plant will introduce advanced and scientific operation mechanism and management mode from the perspective of adapting to policies, launch high-quality products in this environment, and expand and strengthen the northeast and North China markets

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