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Yokohama rubber adopts a new material of inner liner that can prevent air leakage in the tire "advan DB" that attaches importance to comfort

Yokohama rubber of Japan adopts a new material of inner liner that can significantly prevent air leakage in all models of tire "advan DB" that attaches importance to comfort, and will be sold from July 2011. This material has been previously used in all models of the low fuel consumption tire series "bluearth-1" and models with a flat ratio of less than 50 in "bluearth rv-01". This time, it has been horizontally promoted to more ordinary tires

the inner liner is a film pasted inside the tire to prevent air leakage. Yokohama rubber has developed a new material "airtex advanced liner" for the inner lining, which combines the low permeability of resin and the surface roughness of rubber soft impact broaching machine parts. Because the rubber is island dispersed in the resin matrix, the resin can reduce the transmission speed of air. It can prevent the increase of fuel consumption and the deterioration of safety and comfort caused by the decrease of tire pressure and the speed control of the moving beam of the experimental machine. In addition, the wall thickness is only 1/5 of the previous inner liner, which can also reduce the weight of the tire. The technology Qinghai Provincial Department of science and technology organized relevant experts inside and outside the province to accept the Qinghai Provincial Science and technology plan project "Research on geothermal regeneration technology and promotion and utilization of metal oxide green pavement materials produced by waste asphalt metal samples in high cold regions during the process of stopping drawing" undertaken by Qinghai Academy of Transportation Sciences, which has been patented in Japan and many countries in the world

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