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Yongan Futures: Weekly Review of energy and chemical industry 1224

I. important information 1 New York, December 21 - U.S. crude oil futures rose more than 2% on Friday, supported by the rise in gasoline futures, and data showed strong personal spending in November, driving U.S. stocks Clg8) rose $2.25, or 2.47 percent, to $93.31 a barrel Intraday trading range reported 90 84. Crude oil futures hit a record high of $99.29 on November 21 An analyst said: "the overall feeling is that crude oil futures are basically within the recent trading range of about US dollars, with light trading before the holiday and at the end of the year." Lcog8 ( Trading at $69 Rbf8 ( "I think some market participants expect gasoline inventories to decrease in the next two weeks," a trader said. The plunger pump is an important part of the universal experimental machine. "I agree that because the refinery is considering tax reasons, it does not want to have too much inventory." January heating oil contract (Hof entered the autumn, 8 ( 6349. Earlier today, the Ministry of Commerce announced that personal expenditure increased by 1.1% in November, much higher than expected, and personal income increased by 0.4%, indicating that the economy was stronger than many people expected. 2 Singapore, December 21 - Asian fuel oil prices fell on Friday as investors in the futures market continued to short; The spot seller's quotation maintained a positive momentum, and the discount lost its strength because the demand was still sluggish The price of CST fuel oil fell by about US $5 to about US $482.30 per ton. There were two shipping transactions on January, and the price in the shop is estimated to be US $6 discount 180 CST fuel oil discount is about $0.50 lower than Wednesday's closing level The market rumored earlier that there would be demand from China, but this has not materialized yet. Traders swept away their previous optimism after the resulting preforms were automatically cut and pre impregnated The price of 380cst marine fuel oil fell by about $5 to $476.15 per ton, and its discount reduced Wednesday's increase to settle at $3.25 Singapore's bunker fuel oil price was $475 per ton, about $1 lower than Wednesday's level 3. Due to the entry of main long funds, Tokyo rubber market continued to rise this week; Although the short selling of futures companies with the background of spot traders made the rubber price encounter resistance at a high level, with the opening trading of 0806 new benchmark contract, the rubber price broke and rose successfully, conflicting with 300 yen resistance, and the trading remained strong for a week. This week, the fund increased its long positions by about 5000 hands. Due to the lack of market materials, fixtures and samples need to be placed in a high temperature environment to complete the tensile test. The position structure and technical elements of the rubber market have a greater impact on the recent rubber price: from the current overall position in the market and past trading data, the main long funds still have room to add long positions, thus continuing to drive the rise of rubber price; On the technical K-line chart, after successfully rising by 300 yen, there is more room for the recent rise of rubber price, and the high value of 312.2 yen on November 7 has become the rising target; It is undeniable that the rubber market has the problem of rising too fast in the short term. However, due to the formation of the rising trend of technology, when there is a decline due to the influence of the external market, the trading strategy of buying at a low price is recommended. 4. Medium fiber: PTA spot price is 6770 yuan/ton

II. Future concerns: 1 Crude oil price 2 Fuel oil spot premium 3 Position of Japanese rubber 4 PTA downstream consumption status

III. Market Research and judgment fuel oil: the medium and long-term trend of crude oil in the future will depend on the strategy of the U.S. economy and the Federal Reserve, with strong shocks. Shanghai Jiao: the probability of Shanghai Jiao continuing to fluctuate and rise is too high. PTA: PTA is in a bear market

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