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Yongfengyu may consider reducing production in order to balance production and sales

Taiwan yongfengyu paper company pointed out that although the company has announced that it will increase the price of domestic and export white paperboard by 10% from January, the price after the price increase is still not enough to cover the production cost, and the operation of yongfengyu white paperboard business department can only be described as a small month

in order to thoroughly seek the balance of production and marketing and solve the dilemma of low-cost auction, yongfengyu does not rule out reducing production in order to avoid continuous expansion of losses

yongfengyu pointed out that in addition to the price increase, the production capacity of the current paper machine for white board production is also considered to be moderately adjusted. Since the price after this price increase can only be regarded as relatively close to the production cost, in order to ensure that the price of white paperboard truly reflects the cost, the company considers two sides to solve this problem 60 ~ 100hrf

at present, the proportion of domestic and export sales of yongfengyu white paperboard is about half

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