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Yong'an machinery actively prevented and controlled the epidemic, resumed work and production, and ensured the smooth progress of national key projects

with the gradual improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, national key projects resumed work and production in an orderly manner. Fujian pinghaiwan wind power project is also one of these national key projects, providing clt-o - internal The enterprise of offshore pile hammer equipment is a private manufacturing enterprise Zhejiang Yongan construction machinery Co., Ltd. from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. This is a professional company integrating the design, research and development, production, manufacturing, sales and leasing services of vibratory pile hammer series products. At present, Yongan Machinery has developed into a leading enterprise of domestic vibratory pile hammer. The footprints of various series of Yongan brand vibratory pile hammers have been spread across major national key engineering projects across the country

(Zhejiang Yong'an new hydraulic pile hammer yc-110 arrived at the Fujian pinghaiwan wind power project site)

at present, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, the tight capital chain and difficult employment are often the problems that perplex enterprises to resume work and production. However, as Zhejiang Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. undertakes the construction of national key bridge projects, such as pinghaiwan wind power project, Shicheng wind power project, etc. It is not allowed to delay the progress of national key projects and equipment delivery because the production progress cannot keep up

under the leadership of Founder Lin Yongan and Chairman Lin Deng, and under the command of relevant departments of Wenzhou local government, the whole company has been committed to epidemic prevention and control since February and March, carried out publicity work on epidemic prevention knowledge, stored a large number of epidemic prevention materials, such as masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, rubber gloves, thermometers, emergency drugs, etc., and formulated the regulations for employees with fever, fatigue Emergency treatment measures for symptoms such as dry cough or dyspnea. The departments at all levels shall make statistics on the preparation for returning to work in advance. Employees from other places and large epidemic areas who rework need to go to the hospital for inspection before entering the factory, and can only return to work after there is no abnormality. Confirm the safety and health measures of the factory's centralized canteen, prohibit the purchase of non quarantined food materials, steam disinfection of tableware, and the restaurant service personnel carry out health checks before going to work every day. After the establishment of the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, the company has resumed work in an orderly manner. The whole company is working overtime to catch up with the progress and catch up with the schedule, so as to ensure the completion of the construction, delivery and other tasks of national key projects

in an interview with CCTV, Mr. Lin Yongan, the founder of Zhejiang Yongan construction machinery, introduced in detail the implementation of prevention and control measures, the transfer of epidemic prevention materials, donations, production and management, technology research and development, market sales and other resumption of production since the outbreak. He said that he would actively respond to the test of the epidemic, speed up the resumption of normal production and business activities on the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention measures, and try his best to ensure the timely delivery of equipment, so as to ensure the delivery of national key projects such as Pinghai Bay wind power project. At the same time, it will also fulfill the private entrepreneurs' 13 kiln tail dust collector operation resistance of 800pa~1000pa0 stone construction sealant society, strive to create more jobs, and make a contribution of Yong'an people to serving the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control and promoting the stable development of Wenzhou economy and society

(Mr. Lin Yong'an, founder of Zhejiang Yong'an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., was interviewed by CCTV)

for more than 30 years, Zhejiang Yong'an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the ultimate goal of creating value for customers, market-oriented, and the purpose of satisfying and serving customers. Since the products entered the market, the company's products have been widely used in more than 300 large bridges in China, such as Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, Xiamen Jimei sea crossing bridge, Qingdao Bay Bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Qianjiang nine bridge, Xiamen Zhangzhou sea crossing bridge, Inner Mongolia Baotou Yellow River Bridge, Ningbo Jintang sea crossing bridge and other infrastructure projects. And exported to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Egypt, Malaysia, Ecuador, Russia, the Philippines, Liberia, Indonesia, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Vietnam and other countries and regions. The company has won unanimous praise in the industry with its leading technology and excellent performance

I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Lin Yongan, the founder of the company, Yong'an construction machinery will play a leading role as an example for enterprises in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry in the extraordinary period of epidemic prevention and control, inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people who have always been fearless of difficulties and difficulties, ensure production capacity and speed up progress, and spare no effort to ensure the timely delivery of equipment for more national key engineering projects

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