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Yongan Futures: early evaluation of fuel rubber

early evaluation of fuel rubber

I. important information tips: 1 On June 24, fu809, the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil futures, closed at 5159, up -85 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 128520 and a position of 50896, an increase of -8270 from the previous trading day. 2. On June 24, ru809, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao futures, closed at 27635, up 270 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 716668 and a position of 150916, an increase of 9198 from the previous trading day. 3. On June 24, NYMEX crude oil closed at 137.00, with vicious competition among enterprises in the production and price of low-end products of 0.26. 4. On June 24, research and development work has always been a global strategy 345.9, up 0.9. 5. On June 24, the average price of domestic No. 5 standard glue was 27661, up 251 from the previous trading day, with a pending order volume of 1026. 2、 Future concerns 1 Fed policy 2 The trend of the US dollar index is 3 Evolution of subordinated debt 4 International geopolitical changes 5 The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced inventory changes of 6 Inventory changes of fuel oil and natural rubber

III. Market Research and judgment:

yesterday, the crude oil received the overcast cross with upper and lower hatches. As the crude oil has been adjusted horizontally for nearly three weeks, although the rising pattern remains good, it is the so-called long-term market will fall. Even if the crude oil has not made an obvious head, bullish should start to be cautious to prevent the sudden collapse from impacting the fuel oil. Yesterday, Shanghai fuel oil opened high and went low. At the end of the trading, it had fallen below 10. Therefore, it was certain that fuel oil would enter the volatile market, so the operation strategy should be changed accordingly

yesterday, the daily glue closed up slightly, and the rising pattern is still not bad, so we can continue to be bullish. Shanghai Rubber fell back, but its position increased significantly. Therefore, the main force of the market has a strong desire to go long under the condition of continuous reduction of Tianjiao inventory and tight supply. The overall technical form after the closing of Shanghai Jiaotong yesterday was poor, but if it continues to rise today, the head shape will be corrected. If it will go out of the tight market, the future market will continue to be bullish. However, if you open high and go low today, you are suspected of building a mid-term head. Therefore, how to interpret the future market should continue to be observed

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