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Yongfengyu will merge with Huazhi next year. Yongfengyu paper, Taiwan's largest paper mill, and Zhonghua pulp, Taiwan's largest pulp mill, announced a merger plan on the 17th. Yongfengyu is a surviving company. The two sides expect that the merger on New Year's day next year will become the first case of the merger of large paper mills on the island, and yongfengyu will also become the largest pulp and paper mill on the island

yongfengyu and Huazhi held a board meeting simultaneously on the morning of (17), passed the merger proposal, and notified the media of major information after the closing of the stock market

the merger of yongfengyu and Huazhi is scheduled to take new year's day next year as the benchmark date for the merger. The boards of directors of both parties set a share exchange ratio of one share of Huazhi in exchange for 0.95 shares of yongfengyu paper according to the share prices, net worth per share, profitability and future prospects of the two companies

in fact, in the re-election of directors and supervisors of Huazhi in May this year, yongfengyu group won more than half of the seats of directors, and environmental factors in yongfengyu related enterprises also played a role in the material selection of car lampshades. Luo Shengshun, the representative of yicultural industry company, served as the new chairman. Yongfengyu has substantially controlled the operation of Huazhi. How can the external testing machine be upgraded after the merger is announced? Not surprisingly

heshouchuan, chairman of yongfengyu, said that the trend of substitution and expansion of global industries through integration is quite obvious. In particular, the paper industry in the past, due to blind expansion of production capacity, caused overcapacity, a serious imbalance between supply and demand, and haggled all over the place, resulting in both losses. Now the industry can realize that integration creates advantages instead of fighting alone. He Shouchuan said that global industries are moving in this direction, and Taiwan's paper industry should also be started, so yongfengyu chose to merge with Huazhi, which has a long-term cooperative relationship. We hope to improve the utilization rate of production capacity, integrate talents and resources, improve our strength in the regional market, and show yongfengyu's core competitiveness

in the regional market, the first is the Greater China market. He Shouchuan said that after the Jinneng technology new material and hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization project adopts the United States UOP or Lummus process, which is the earliest in the world, and is merged with China paper, yongfengyu will accelerate the pace of investment in the mainland. It is estimated that there will be ten production sites in the mainland next year, and it is estimated that a large industrial paper factory will be built in the mainland

Luo Shengshun, chairman of Huazhi, described Huazhi and yongfengyu not only as "brothers", but also as "inseparable conjoined babies". Because at the beginning of the founding of China paper, he Shouchuan participated in the operation of China paper. The merger with yongfengyu will not only complete the regional layout of China paper, but also expand the diversified operation of China paper

he Shouchuan promised that after the merger, yongfengyu would not be laid off or laid off, but the production lines of both sides would be integrated to improve the accuracy and quality of production control and greatly improve the utilization rate

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