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Yonghengli teamed up with Anhui to build the first brand of forklift leasing

yonghengli teamed up with Anhui to build the first brand of forklift leasing

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a new model of China Germany strong alliance

Germany yonghengli group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, ranks among the top three in the world in the fields of material handling equipment, warehousing and logistics technology; At present, Anhui Forklift Truck Group is the largest industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and export base in China with the most complete industrial chain and the best comprehensive strength and economic benefits. Since 1991, the main economic and technical indicators of the company have remained the first in the same industry in China for 25 consecutive years. The joint venture between yonghengli and Heli can be regarded as a new model of strong alliance between Chinese and German enterprises

Hans Georg Frey, chairman of the board of yonghengli group in Germany, said that today China has become a global manufacturing center and Trade Center. Take forklifts as an example. In the global logistics industry, one of every four forklifts is sold in China. For diesel forklifts, one of every three forklifts is sold in China. Under the background of paying more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, electric forklifts in the Chinese market will have a great growth, and yonghengli group is leading the world in the field of electric forklifts. In 2014, the electric pallet carrier independently developed by yonghengli Shanghai Qingpu factory has been officially put into production and sales

Anhui Forklift Group is a national innovative enterprise, which has won the Anhui provincial government quality award, the nomination award of China Quality Award, etc. its leading products have passed the EU CE safety certification, and it is the first batch of first-class safety and quality standardization enterprises in China. At present, Anhui Forklift Group has 23 provincial marketing networks and more than 400 secondary and tertiary agent sales service points in China; Internationally, it has established overseas agent networks in more than 80 countries, and its products are sold to more than 150 countries and regions in the world

hans Georg Frey said: "Anhui Heli is an enterprise with pragmatic management and continuous success. After the establishment of a joint venture, the two sides will have a good integration. For yonghengli, we can use Heli's extensive marketing network to meet the product demand of all different prices with a more complete product series, and improve the order volume and production capacity of Qingpu factory. We will make more efforts to achieve the goal of the first brand of forklift leasing in the Chinese market."

cooperate to open up a new "blue ocean" of the market

the sustained and rapid development of China's logistics industry in recent years has made China the largest original forklift market in the world. According to Zhang Dejin, the estimated number of forklifts in the Chinese market is 1million, and it is still growing at the rate of 250000 to 300000 per year

however, under the new economic normal, the traditional strategy of Chinese logistics enterprises is changing, and the concept of "asset light operation" is more popular. Reflected in the forklift market, users who used to buy new cars are increasingly choosing the way of new car rental

to meet the new needs of users, Anhui Heli established a leasing company in Shanghai in 2014 to provide forklift equipment leasing business for Chinese users. In 2015, heli forklift leasing business achieved a breakthrough growth of more than 100%

Germany yonghengli group has more experience in leasing business. At present, it has a leasing fleet of 40000 vehicles worldwide, which can provide a more reasonable leasing scheme

Zhang Dejin said that China's leasing business is showing a higher than average growth rate. Heli leasing company's growth performance in 2015, but it also faces a series of problems in its development, indicating that the era of forklift leasing has arrived. At present, new car sales are slowing down, but under the new economic normal, China's industrial vehicle leasing and post market services have broader growth space and will also achieve better development. Yonghengli and Heli have been listed among the major domestic leasing companies respectively. The two sides have carried out strategic cooperation in leasing business, so that the advantages of yonghengli's professionalism and Heli's marketing network can be superimposed, together with a full range of product lines, which can give full play to the respective advantages of both sides, effectively develop a new "blue ocean" in the leasing market, and will become the largest leasing company in China

innovative practice of high-quality service

the newly established joint venture between Germany yonghengli group and Anhui Forklift Group will use innovative practice to provide better services to the market and users

hans Georg Frey said that unlike sales, leasing is actually a service that pays more attention to process and management. Both partners are one-stop professional manufacturers. If there is still oil leakage, the newly established joint venture will meet all the needs of the full range of products - whether indoor or outdoor, high-end economy, electric or internal combustion are directly supplied by the manufacturer

Zhang Dejin said that the joint venture will provide the market and users with a wide range of rental products, including a broader product portfolio (yonghengli + Heli), a full range of Heli internal combustion forklifts and yonghengli's LCD pendulum impact tester. 3. Electric forklifts for pressure test. In the post service market of leased equipment, yonghengli and Heli will be respectively responsible for the after-sales service of their own brands

the joint venture will also provide the market and users with more flexible and diverse lease options, including customized lease schemes from one day to 60 months, so as to optimize user costs and improve utilization

Hans Georg Frey and Zhang Dejin jointly said that both yonghengli and Anhui Forklift Group will vigorously support the business of the joint venture. At present, the industrial vehicle leasing business of both sides will be packaged into the joint venture. All employees of Heli leasing company and the Leasing Department of yonghengli will be transferred to the joint venture, and will quickly carry out business in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places

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