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Yongan Futures: fuel rubber early evaluation 0530

fuel rubber early evaluation

I. important information tips: 1 On May 29, fu808, the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil futures, closed at 4782, up -39 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 63090 and a position of 31636, down 14.4% from the previous trading day's increase of -17. 2. On May 29, ru809, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao futures, closed at 26225, up -30 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 557716 and a position of 116272, an increase of 1724 from the previous trading day. 3. On May 29, byk-c 8003nymex crude oil closed at 126.62, up -4.14. 4. On May 29, rijiao closed at 332.5, up -5.2. 5. On May 29, the average price of domestic No. 5 standard glue was 26032, and the quantity of pending orders was 863. 2、 Future concerns 1 Fed policy 2 The trend of the US dollar index is 3 Evolution of subordinated debt 4 International geopolitical changes 5 The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced inventory changes 6 Changes in fuel oil and natural rubber inventory

III. Market Research and judgment:

whether the detection pedal meets the requirements of reliable and wear-resistant use

yesterday, there was a sharp shock in the crude oil plate overnight, and the overall trend rose and fell. From the trend, there is a need for further decline. Affected by the overnight surge of crude oil the day before yesterday, Shanghai fuel oil opened higher and there was a wave of intraday surge. Then it was fast and could now go down at the maximum force or the speed of the stretch curve and fall below the support of the 10 antenna. The overall trend of the future market has been short. Therefore, in terms of operation strategy, you can find intraday highs and short. However, crude oil fell sharply yesterday, so if the fuel oil opened too low today, it should be cautious to catch up

yesterday, the Japanese rubber opened higher and went lower, there were signs of making a head in the short term, and the crude oil fell sharply, so Shanghai rubber will also fluctuate lower. Yesterday, Shanghai glue still closed above the 5 antenna, and the overall shape is still good, but if it is opened sharply lower today, the strong shape will be destroyed. If there is a rebound in the low opening in the session and it can be short near the 5 antenna, if it is opened low, it can be much shorter in the day near the 10 antenna

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