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Yongan Futures: fuel rubber morning post 0422

fuel rubber Morning Post


1 Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday that its two oil pipelines in Nigeria's Niger Delta were attacked on Monday, and the company is assessing the damage. There is still a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels. The spokesman of the company, precious okolobo, told the media that it can be confirmed that the operation facilities in the East were attacked earlier today, and the company is checking the losses of soku bugum and buguma alakri pipelines. Earlier today, the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta, the country's opposition, announced that its commandos had attacked two oil pipelines in the country. 2. US energy secretary Sam Bodman said on Monday that although crude oil prices were at record highs, he did not agree to use strategic oil reserves. Bodman pointed out that he had tried his best to urge the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase production to help reduce oil prices that have hit record highs. He believes that strengthening the supervision of speculators will not have a significant impact on oil prices. 3. On April 21, NYMEX crude oil closed at 116.63, up 0.47. 4. On April 21, Jiaotong closed at 295.5, up 2.5

domestic fuel oil:

on Monday (April 21), the main futures contract fu806 of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) fuel oil (4487,7.00,0.16%, bar) opened 4600, with a maximum of 4609, a minimum of 4541, and a closing of 4546, up 9 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 10876 and a position of 20898, Position increase compared with the previous trading day -1904

domestic rubber:

on Monday (April 21, all enterprises with production and sales of measuring instruments such as tension machines need to manufacture Universal Tension machines and other experimental machines according to law), the main contract ru807 of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) Tianjiao futures opened 21605, with a maximum of 21905, a minimum of 21510, and closed 21695, up 90 points compared with the previous trading day. The trading volume was 34050, and the position was 37030, Compared with the previous trading day's increase of positions -3518

comprehensive view:

affected by the attacks on two oil pipelines in Nigeria's Niger Delta, the US Secretary of energy's disapproval of using strategic oil reserves to stabilize oil prices and the decline of the US dollar, NYMEX crude oil hit a new record after bottoming out in the crude oil pan. At present, the time and space for crude oil to rise mainly depends on the time and extent of the depreciation of the US dollar. Although Shanghai's fuel oil rose and fell on Monday, in view of the fact that crude oil hit a new high again, domestic fuel oil will still fluctuate at a high level, so it is more difficult to operate. Both long and short should pay attention to risks

yesterday, Japanese gum continued to finish at a high level. From the perspective of the trend, there is medium-term evidence. Therefore, we began to consider combining graphene produced by liquid-phase stripping (a method that can produce a large amount of graphene at a lower price) into polyurethane - Reed Exhibitions, the sole organizer for shoes made of polyurethane, introduced a strong trend. Due to the reduction of domestic inventory and the postponement of rubber cutting period, Shanghai rubber also has a strong trend of shock. If you can callback to near the 10 antenna in the intraday, you can go long in the short term

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