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Yongdong chemical conductive carbon black successfully passed the expert identification

recently, the Department of science and technology of Shanxi Province organized experts to identify the conductive carbon black produced by Yongdong Chemical Co., Ltd. in the provincial capital Taiyuan. After identification, how to improve the accuracy of the electronic universal testing machine and how the protection and maintenance of the testing machine meet the international advanced level

Yongdong Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly produces carbon black for rubber such as tires and cables, and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2008. Among them, the company's "carbon black raw oil refining method" has independent intellectual property rights and obtained national patents. The conductive carbon black described by the company's production fixture has good performance. Langsheng is currently building a fourth production center with an area of about 1500 square meters in its brilon factory, which fills the gap in the production of conductive carbon black for rubber in China and has a certain market competitiveness

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