The demand for plastic packaging materials in Chin

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In 2005, the demand for plastic packaging materials in China continued to rise.

it is reported that the main reason for the shortage of lithium salt in packaging in China last year was that plastic had exceeded 4million tons. Relevant departments predict that China's demand for plastic packaging materials will reach 5million tons in 2005

if 30% of them are disposable plastic packaging materials and products that are difficult to collect, the waste generation will reach 1.5 million tons; The area of mulching film in China is more than 500 million mu, and the demand for seedling pots, agricultural and sideline products and fresh-keeping materials is expected to reach 1million tons; Some disposable daily necessities and medical materials are also difficult to collect or not suitable for recycling. At the same time, some glass and polymer resins are also used, and its demand is expected to reach 1million tons. Plastic waste that is difficult to recycle will reach 3.5 million tons, and the resulting environmental problems will become increasingly serious. If 50% of them are replaced by degradable plastics, the demand for degradable plastics will reach 1.75 million tons, so degradable plastics have great market potential in China

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