The demand for paper package printing increased to

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In 2016, the demand for paper packaging printing increased to $250billion

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core tip: paper and paperboard packaging accounted for the highest proportion of the global packaging industry with a total demand of $2010 billion, and this data will increase to $250billion by 2016

[China Packaging News] paper and paperboard packaging accounts for the highest proportion in the global packaging industry with a total demand of US $2010 billion, and this figure will increase to US $250billion by 2016

cosmetics, health care products, tobacco products and other expensive high-end goods, increasingly require the use of innovative packaging design of color boxes, so that their goods can highlight differences through packaging in sales. With the increasing demand for exquisite color packaging in the market, the importance of the color packaging carton industry is increasing

among the four major materials of modern packaging (paper products packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging), paper packaging is cheap, convenient for Ningbo Council for the promotion of international trade to give full play to its advantages, and has many obvious characteristics, such as wide sources of raw materials, light weight, non fragile, easy to degrade, so it is widely used in daily life. In recent years, China's packaging industry has developed into a basic strategic pillar industry of the national economy

the "analysis report on the production and marketing demand and investment forecast of China's paper products packaging industry in" released by the forward looking Industry Research Institute shows that in 2012, the total output value of China's packaging industry ranked second in the world with 1.3 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.67% of the national GDP, of which the paper packaging industry accounted for more than 40%. It is the largest sub industry of the domestic packaging industry, ranking before plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging

from the perspective of enterprises' demand for different carton types, 18% choose cigarette packs and cigarette labels; Wine boxes and food boxes account for 46%; Medicine boxes and health care products accounted for 48%; Cosmetic boxes account for 25%; Small household appliances and electronic product boxes account for 30%, and the demand for color packaging cartons in the cosmetics, cigarette and pharmaceutical industries will grow faster. The increase in market demand for high-end printed packaging boxes is the main reason for the high growth rate of the corrugated box packaging industry in the United States. The exquisite structural design and printing of packaging boxes will greatly attract customers' attention

compared with the United States, the development of China's high-end color box packaging industry does not match the development of high-end color box demand, mainly because the design of diversified color box packaging requires a lot of labor, more importantly, force, and the continuous upgrading of advanced machinery also requires a large number of experienced operators to operate, which poses a great challenge to the strength of enterprises in staff management, Virtually formed the soft power threshold of the high-end color box packaging industry. Otherwise, the high profit rate of the enterprise will be offset by the internal management fee rate and lose the market competitive advantage. Therefore, enterprises that master advanced production and brand management, especially those with rich experience in human resource management, can form their own comparative advantages with their strong production capacity; While some manufacturers with both economies of scale and vertical production lines can use their group procurement mode to effectively control upstream procurement costs, form a competitive cost advantage in the industry, and occupy the market profit space of high-end color box packaging

the characteristics of high-end customization of color box packaging determine that its downstream customers are mainly composed of consumer goods leaders in cosmetics, consumer electronics, medicine and other industries. On the one hand, these leading enterprises have a large order volume, on the other hand, they have high requirements for the delivery speed, supporting services and quality details of the color box suppliers, especially the international consumer electronics leaders such as apple and Samsung, which are equipped with ball screw meters on different edges and the subtle differences in the design of the equipped parts such as chargers in size, thickness and shape, As a result, color box manufacturers need to invest a lot of manpower in detail reprocessing. In the first two months of 2019, the fixed asset investment in the paper industry decreased by 5.6% year-on-year. Coupled with the large number of consumers who may appear at any time in the market, the resulting short-term replenishment demand has brought great challenges to manufacturers in stabilizing large customers. These are real problems for the color box packaging industry, which is highly dependent on labor. Therefore, the core competitiveness of color box packaging enterprises is to effectively manage many human resources and obtain the long-term favor of more high-end customers

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