The demand for paints and coatings in the United S

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In 2015, the demand for paint and coatings in the United States will exceed US $26billion

according to the latest research of Freedonia group, the annual growth rate of the demand for paint and coatings in the United States will reach 7.8% in the next few years, and the market value of the demand in 2015 will reach US $26.2 billion. Hbcdd is a typical persistent organic pollutant (POPs) in terms of quantity and price. The U.S. paint and coating market has been out of 200. At this international rubber and plastic exhibition, the shadow of economic recession during the previous year showed a strong rebound, and the U.S. paint and coating market will continue to follow the trend of sustainable development in the future

due to increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations, paint and coating manufacturers will increase investment in development and innovation to provide customers with high-value products, Freedonia said. By 2015, the paint and coating market in the U.S. construction industry will continue to grow at a growth rate of 10.8% per year, with a market value of more than $14billion in 2015. The interior architectural coating market will maintain a large growth rate, and the market capacity will be larger than the exterior wall coating Market

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